Rotary Club of Antigua Launches COVID-19 Food Voucher Programme.
It is without a doubt that COVID-19 has significantly impacted the social and economic lives of many citizens and residents in Antigua and Barbuda.
With this in mind, the Rotary Club of Antigua (RCOA) embarks on a Food Voucher Programme, geared towards bringing relief to approximately four hundred (400) individuals, whose income have been directly affected as a result of COVID-19.
The programme was officially launched on May 14, 2020 and is expected to run for at least three (3) months in the first instance. It caters to single parents and families with children where the income earners have suffered loss of income as a result of the termination of their employment.
The initiative is being undertaken in conjunction with the Mill Reef Fund which has eagerly agreed to join the Rotary Club of Antigua to assist vulnerable persons across the island, during this critical and challenging time.
President of the Rotary Club of Antigua, Dr. Vanetta Rodgers, explained how the programme will be facilitated.
“We are extremely grateful to the Mill Reef Fund for agreeing to partner with us in this programme which will go a long way in assisting a number of persons and families who are in need of such support.  Members of the Rotary Clubs in Antigua, community organizations, district clinics and churches have been encouraged to submit names of persons who could benefit from the food voucher programme. The list of applicants has been compiled and vetted by our Steering committee which has assessed the needs of the respective applicants.
The qualified individuals have been notified of their eligibility and arrangements have been made for these individuals to collect the food vouchers from the Club.”
The Food Vouchers will be valued at EC$200.00 each and are redeemable at four (4) major Supermarkets namely: Chase Distributors Ltd, Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy, Cost-Pro and 1st Choice Foods.  The total cost of this program is $240,000
The Rotary Club of Antigua extends best wishes to all Antiguans and Barbudans who are socially and economically affected by the Covid-19 and asks you to accept our food voucher as a token of good will.
Gratitude is extended to the Mill Reef Fund, the supermarkets, the nurses at the district clinics and Churches which have kindly agreed to participate in this venture.