The Rotary Club of Antigua in partnership with the Belleview Breakfast Rotary Club of Washington State is in its tenth (10) year of conducting the Computer for the World Project which started in 2008.
In this project a team of Rotarians headed by Mr. John Martinka of the Belleview Breakfast Rotary Club along with and a team of Cisco Systems IT Students and Teachers headed by Mr. Jeff Mason from the Newport High School in Belleview, Washington State have been coming to Antigua & Barbuda and have been installing computers in Government and Private Schools as a donation to the Ministry of Education for the Students of Antigua & Barbuda.
To date over the years, some two thousand, four hundred (2,400) computers have been installed and over 50 fully networked computer labs have been set up in the schools in Antigua and in Barbuda.
There is also the Rotary Sewing Project which is also a joint project with Rotary Club of Kirkland Downtown Washington State.
This project is headed by Mrs. Jan Martinka of the Rotary Club of Kirkland Downtown, Washington State. The initiative of this Sewing Project is to teach women how to sew, thus giving them the opportunity to become proficient in sewing and to be independent and self-sustaining. The local coordinator is Mr. Cordel Josiah of Rotary Club of Antigua..
There are six Rotary Sewing Projects set up on the island. The first is in the Grays Green community next to the Green Bay School. There is one in Freetown Village at the Methodist Church, one in New Winthorpes Village at the Wesleyan Holiness Church, another in Pigotts Village at the Bethany Moravian Community Center, another in Liberta Village at the Grace Hill Moravian Church, and the most recent which was launched on Monday 20th February in Bolans Village at the Bolans Penticostal Church.