August 12, 2020: As the Rotary Club of Antigua continued its weekly Zoom Meetings we had the pleasure of hearing a Classification Talk from one of our newest Rotarians, Rotarian Suzan Snaggs-Wilson. We congratulate her on a very engaging and enlightening talk and wish her all the best in her personal and academic pursuits.
August 19, 2020: Head of the School of Management, Science, and Technology at the UWI Five Islands Campus in Antigua, Mr. Hyram Forde was the guest speaker. Mr. Forde in his presentation highlighted the establishment of the UWI Five Islands Campus, its progress to date as well as the challenges being faced. He outlined plans for further development and expansion of the educational offerings of the institution and appealed to the RCA for a continued partnership with the institution going forward.
September 2, 2020: The first weekly zoom meeting for the month of September was a closed meeting. Directors provided updates on the progress of activities within their respective areas of responsibility. Members posed questions and sort clarifications as necessary as the Club forged ahead with its mandate and commitment to the mantra "Service above Self".
September 10, 2020: In celebration of 48 years of service to community, the Rotary Club of Antigua held its anniversary meeting at the Hodges Bay Resort and Spa. It was truly an evening of reflection as several Rotarians and specially invited guests were happy to acknowledge the fact that the Club has impacted them in some positive way. We were pleased to have Dr. Ian Thomas as our Guest Speaker. Dr. Thomas specializes in the area of Chronic Kidney Disease and used the opportunity to highlight the risk factors associated with the disease, the triumphs being made by the twin-island state in treating the disease, and a potential partnership with the Rotary Club of Antigua in bringing awareness to the disease.
September 16th, 2020: The classification talk is traditionally used to acquaint Rotarians with a member’s profession. In this week’s meeting, Rotarian Karim Edwards gave a presentation on his profession as an Accountant. He highlighted some of the duties and responsibilities of an Accountant as well as some of the challenges faced. Rotarian Karim also expressed the need for persons within the field to be ethical and exercise high levels of corporate social responsibility. We wish to thank Rotarian Karim for a great presentation.
September 23rd, 2020: BREAST IS BEST! The September 23, 2020 weekly zoom meeting focused on the benefits of breastfeeding in recognition of Breastfeeding Week. Our guest speaker, the Public Relations and Marketing Executive of the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS), Dr. Janelle Charles Williams, gave an interactive presentation that prompted a number of questions from Rotarians and guests. The Rotary Club of Antigua is very pleased to partner with MBS on raising awareness about breastfeeding for a healthier planet.