Tribute to the late Dr. Carle J Walter
The late Dr. Carle J. Walter, Past President of the Rotary Club of Antigua, was inducted on June 1, 1988.  He served the club at different levels, participating in and chairing various projects.  He served as Assistant Secretary and Director before he served as President from July 1995 to June 1996. 
When thinking of PP Carle, one can’t help but remember his sober demeanor at Club meetings; his INSISTANCE that meetings end on time and DETERMINATION that the dignity of the Club be maintained at all times. To balance this off his meaningful contributions were often times lased with wit.
As a new member in the Club back in 2009, I was at that time placed in charge of Programs.  It is customary that every 5th Wednesday, the meetings would feature some form of light entertainment.  I vividly recall in September 2009, I invited a local calypsonian by the name of Banana Joe, and the atmosphere was festive as he belted out his tunes……  until…!! He began singing his famous song….which I won’t name, and PP Carle’s countenance changed during the song.  He did not applaud at the end and I got a proper scolding from PP Carle about screening entertainment in advance of meetings.   Yes, PP Carle stood for decency and “upliftment” and felt it his duty or to use a better word, his RESPONSIBILITY to impart those values to others.  To tell you more, if jokes given at the podium were found to be inappropriate, he would simply interrupt and while gesturing with his hand “NOT appropriate! Not in this forum!”
His ridged attention to the formalities and his outspoken rebukes when things are seemingly out of line, stood in stark contrast to a heart filled with humour and compassion. It was fun to watch the witty exchanges between him and PP Wilbur.  PP Carle loved children, and this I am certain led him to be an important catalyst for expanding our Children’s Christmas Party to Barbuda. He believed in the power of education and supported the Club’s Literacy Projects.
His mind was a reservoir of information, experience and opinions that he would freely and at times, quietly, share with members either at meeting time on Wednesdays,  or when he saw you on the street or if it was particularly concerning  he would make a call.
He was a firm believer in fellowship and its power to bring persons closer together.  We were fortunate to enjoy some fellowship time with PP Carle at his home last year and we are thankful to him and his family for that opportunity.
As Rotarians we are challenged to apply the four way test to thoughts, words and deeds.  The test consists of 4 simple questions:
Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Our Dear PP Carle believed in the Four Way Test, and as a consequence he was an important COG in the great wheel of Rotary.  He will be deeply missed.
Our sincere sympathies go out to his dear wife Andrea and children Marissa and Craig.  May he continue to rest in perpetual peace.