Teacher receives Inaugural Rotary Club of Antigua Scholarship

Mrs. Sharon Henry-Phillip, a student at The University of the West Indies (The UWI) Five
Islands Campus is the first recipient of the Rotary/UWI Five Islands Campus Scholarship.

The scholarship designed to assist a current student of the Campus who maintains scholasticexcellence, covers the cost of study for one year leading to the completion of a Bachelor’s degree.

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Campus Principal, Professor Stafford Griffith gave remarks during the presentation of the inaugural scholarship, stating, “Today is a historic day for the Campus. I want to thank the Rotary Club of Antigua for its service and commitment to promoting the welfare and wellbeing of individuals. We are thankful for the scholarship, and we note this is the first benefactor
scholarship to be awarded through the Five Islands Campus and it is therefore historic”.

Dr. Vanetta Rodgers, President of the Rotary Club of Antigua, said the organisation has always placed high priority on its education mandate and celebrates its record of making the historic first award to a student of the The UWI Five Islands Campus.

“At the start of the planning of my Rotary year, one of my main goals was to give a scholarship to someone who is most deserving. After deliberations with The University officials, I am satisfied with
the relationship between the Rotary Club of Antigua and The UWI Five Islands Campus and I look forward to further collaboration, be it a Rotaract Club or otherwise,” Dr. Rodgers said.

Dr. Rodgers continued in her commendation of the recipient, “Mrs. Henry-Phillip, I am proud of your achievements and how you conducted yourself throughout the interview process and I wish you a fulfilling academic tenure.”

Mrs. Henry-Phillip, who is enrolled in a Bachelors of Management programme at the School of Management, Sciences and Technology was encouraged by one of her lecturers to apply for the scholarship. She said after clearing the application and interviewing processes, it was even moregratifying to be the recipient of the first ever Rotary of Antigua/UWI Scholarship.

“My sincerest thanks to the Rotary Club of Antigua for its assistance in bringing my dreams to an exciting finish. I am truly grateful. With it, I will be able to complete my final year of study and adequately equip myself to take on the management of the education system in Antigua and Barbuda,” Mrs. Henry-Phillip emphasised.

The scholarship valuing EC$6,444.76 will cover tuition, books and Guild fees.