As part of its Childhood Obesity Project, Rotary promoted drinking water instead of sugary beverage!
Rotary Club of Antigua Sundown, Rotary Club of Antigua, and the Rotaract Club of Antigua partner with the Medical Benefits Scheme, the Ministry of Education, Antigua and Barbuda Commonwealth Games with its Childhood Obesity Project.
Day 2..... Students of the Mary E Piggott’s primary were treated to a health talk today by Mr. James Bellot, a representative of one of our corporate partners from the Antigua & Barbuda Commonwealth Games.
Students were reminded of the importance of eating healthy, drinking water, exercising and getting their rest.
To get their juices flowing they were also engaged in a few rounds of exercise.
Afterwards each student received a flyer and had to identify the various fruits and vegetables and their nutritional benefits.
Students were rewarded with a medal and bottle of water for completing today's activities.
Coincidentally, today is World Water Day and each student received a bottle of Water!
After the talk a student approached a Rotary Club of Antigua member present to say he remembers the Rotary Club of Antigua because he participated in a reading program previously held.
Rotary is definitely making an impact on the youth.
The Clubs express their gratitude to our corporate partners realizing that Childhood Obesity is on the rise and the education starts at the primary level!