On May 30, 2023, the Rotary Club of Antigua hosted an Aviation Career Expo at the New Winthorpes Primary School.
President Ilean and aviation stakeholders informed, educated and sensitized Grade 5 students about the myriad of career options in the aviation industry.
The expo focused on three main objectives, namely:
To create awareness and stimulate interest in careers in aviation.
To propel students to desire and ultimately pursue careers in aviation.
Contribute to efforts aimed at creating a future cadre of aviation professionals in Antigua and Barbuda
New Winthorpes Primary School was selected for the project due to its history and proximity to the V.C Bird International Airport.
Prior to 1942, Winthorp Village was located in the vicinity of the V.C Bird International Airport.
During WWII, the village was relocated to accommodate the establishment of an American base.
At its new location, the village was renamed New Winthorpes and the school built to serve the community.
Although a number of persons from the village are employed in the aviation sector, the majority are in entry level positions.
Therefore, the event sought to begin to address this shortcoming as it relates to marketable skills in the sector and ultimately, the employment disparity.
President Ilean expressed her conviction about the importance of targeting the young and impressionable minds.
She also thanked the Principal of New Winthorpes Primary School and the aviation stakeholders for their timely and impactful presentations.
The Aviation Career Expo falls under one of Rotary’s 7 areas of focus, Community and Economic Development.