RCA's COVID-19 Relief Food Voucher Programme continues to assists over 400 persons monthly
  • Food Voucher Programme extended by three months
In August the Rotary Club of Antigua (RCA) announced, with further assistance from the Mill Reef Fund, that the Food Voucher Programme was expanded for an additional three months, up until October 2020. Four hundred persons continued to receive vouchers for food items redeemable at four supermarkets: Chase Distributors, Cost Pro, Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy and 1st Choice Supermarket. The RCA is grateful to the Mill Reef Fund for its sterling corporate partnership and support in this initiative.
  • ThriftTings donates to the RCA’s Food Voucher Programme
Thirty-nine persons were added to the RCA’s COVID-19 Food Voucher Programme as a result of a monetary contribution from an environmentally conscious group, ThrifTings. During a brief presentation ceremony at Rotary House on Tuesday August 25, 2020, the group which comprised of Dominique Bento, Maya Peltier, Imani Nevers and Anya Dk, presented a cheque in the sum of EC$5,550.00 to the President of the RCA, Kevin Silston. Consequently, a number of individuals where were able to collect food vouchers valued at EC$150.00 each. According to the group, the monies were raised during a two-day pop-up “thrift sale event” on August 8th and 9th August which they all agreed was a major success.
  • The CIU donates to the RCA’s Food Voucher Programme
Fifty-two (52) beneficiaries were added to the RCA’s Covid-19 Food Voucher Programme as a result of a donation of $10,000 from the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU).  The amount was divided over the months of September and October. On Thursday 10th September, 2020, a day which marked the RCA’s 48th Anniversary, twenty-six (26) vouchers were distributed to recipients adversely impacted by COVID-19. The CIU was represented by four officers who assisted senior Rotarians in distributing the food vouchers to a number of grateful beneficiaries. Chief Executive Officer of the CIU, Mrs. Charmaine Donovan indicated that the organization is committed to doing its part to allow our fellow Antiguans and Barbudans to feel a more direct impact from the Citizenship by Investment Programme.
  • September distribution of Food Vouchers
September 28th 2020 marked the 5th month of distribution for the COVID-19 relief Food Voucher Programme, which has assisted over 400 persons monthly, since the inception in May. We are grateful to the Mill Reef Fund for their partnership and assistance in this critical undertaking.