Posted on Jul 13, 2022
President Ilean Ramsey's remarks at our first meeting!
Good afternoon Fellow Rotarians and guest, it is my distinct pleasure to address you as your 50th installed President at our first meeting for the Rotary Year 2022 -2023.
I am indeed humbled and honored that you have selected me and the directors/officers as your Board, to lead you this year. Thank you once again.
We have some exciting and interesting projects ahead for the year and look forward to the participation of every member of the club in this regard.
Please permit me to highlight a few matters:
On this Saturday July 9th 20222, we will be convening our Board Retreat.
Among the Objectives of that retreat are:
  • To build team spirit amongst our leadership team
  • To review/discuss and finalize committee plans for the year
  • To finalize the club’s annual calendar
  • To finalize the Draft Strategic Plan for consideration by the membership.
As communicated in my acceptance speech, I commit to serving you - taking the appropriate leadership approach as the situation dictates and in the interest of the club.
However, generally I will be practicing servant leadership – listening to your perspectives and incorporating them where possible.
If our club is to continue to be impactful, we must work together as a team.
The New Rotary Year provides the opportunity to set the energy to impact our club’s trajectory.
Therefore, let us focus on the qualities and actions that we want to embody and manifest - and how these can make a difference in our practice of ‘Service Above Self’.
The new Year also provides an opportunity for reflection and reconciliation.
However, before doing this, we must empty out …. empty our cups to make way for patience, creativity, and compassion; qualities that will be required for a successful year.
In this life, human frailties will result in disagreements and resentments. It is how we handle them that matters.
Studies have shown that unforgiveness has effects on the body such as:
  • Negative emotions
  • Stress
  • Depression
Therefore, let us begin the Rotary year resolving to forgive each other for any past offenses; recognizing that Rotary is bigger than any of us.
In this vein, it is said that the leadership dictates the culture of any organization, business, or club.
It is therefore fitting for me to be the first to say, ‘If I have offended any of you in the past, I apologize”.
Let us move forward embracing patience, compassion, and creativity, as together…we ‘Imagine Rotary’.
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