Posted by Evangeline Allen on Jul 06, 2019
Incoming President 2019-2020 delivers her Handover Speech at the Royalton Resort.
Dr. Vanetta C Rodgers
Handover Speech
Royalton Resort
July 6, 2019
Good evening Fellow Members and friends of the Rotary Club of Antigua. Please allow me to accept the protocol that has been established.
I stand here with distinguished pleasure and expressed appreciation to have been selected to serve as your President for the Rotary Year 2019 – 2020.  As your 47th President, it is certainly an opportunity and honor to be able to build on the contributions of past Presidents who have served this organization over the past several years. 
We are now at a time in our history when there needs to be more persons and Organizations willing and committed to giving a helping hand.  Why?  Because many in our community — perhaps more than you may think — are in need for someone to give that brotherly outreach, so many may be in need of social, spiritual, and material help.  The Rotary Club of Antigua must continue to be a light in a dark place; we must continue to alleviate their pain, and we must continue to respond with a heart of love and compassion.
Be assured my fellow Rotarians that during my year of Presidency, it is my hope to guide this organization into expanded programs of outreach and improved visibility.  I however, cannot do this alone, and so I am relying on your continued and unwavering support, commitment and empathy to show that we really care for those in need.
The Rotary Club of Antigua has delivered distinguished service to the community of Antigua and Barbuda over the last 46 years.  Let us continue in this path and build substantially upon a most distinguished record.
We have just celebrated the start of the Rotary year with significant changes to the Council on Legislation for Clubs and Districts.  A few highlights include:
Make ups. Rotarians can make up for an absence at their club meeting within the same Rotary year.
Rotaract Clubs. Just like Rotary clubs, Rotaract clubs are now members of Rotary International. While there are no operational changes for Rotaract clubs or the Rotary clubs that sponsor them, this provision elevates the status of Rotaract clubs and allows RI to increase support and resources to help them grow.
The classification limitation has been removed, so clubs may now determine for themselves the appropriate number of members in a particular classification. In addition, elected or appointed public officials are no longer prohibited from joining a club using the classification associated with their office.
The above highlights are an indication that change is constant. In order to remain relevant and to best serve the Community in which we operate it is most appropriate for us to adapt to new changes while maintaining the fundamental values of Rotary, Service Above Self
The Way Forward
The Rotary International theme for this year, ‘Rotary Connects the World’, under Rotary International President Mark Maloney, would be irrelevant if we ignore it.  How do we move forward?  How do we wish to see the Rotary Club of Antigua in the immediate term? I wish to exemplify to you today that while we advocate for the less fortunate and vulnerable in our community it is equally important to appreciate the value of each other.  
As the Board meets on a monthly basis, as the subcommittees meet as required, and as the general membership meets weekly, what should we commit to?
We should commit to:
  1. Complete the Retreat by end of July 2019 to facilitate the development of a Strategic Plan
  2. Build a stronger relationship with our Rotaractors, Interactors and Rotary Clubs in Antigua
  3. Remodel and expand our Signature Projects to include the aligning of my Areas of Focus with DG Trevor’s District Goals. 
  4. Modernize and secure our beloved Rotary House, and
  5. Raise the profile of the Rotary Club of Antigua
I am confident that I have the commitment of the Board to execute the Areas of Focus for this Rotary year.  I humbly request the unwavering commitment of every member to achieve the agreed goals while at the same time having fun and enjoying fellowship.
I could not close this evening without thanking the following persons
  1. To Ms. Teresiann Payne for her professionalism and to the team at Royalton for their commitment in ensuring that this evening is a success.   
  2. My Rotary family for electing me to be the President for Rotary year 2019 – 2020
  3. To IPP Adekunle Osoba for your stewardship.
  4. To PP Evangeline Allen for your overall willingness and availability to assist with the plans for this Handover.  Our Rotary Club is better for having you as a member. 
  5. To PP Arthur Thomas and Rtn. Kelvin John thank you for giving me a greater understanding of the value of Rotary back in 2008 when I met both of you at the airport when you had just landed after returning from District Conference. I admired your enthusiasm.
  6. Thank you to my friend and proposer Treasurer Julietta Rhudd for not accepting my reasons to delay becoming a member of the Rotary Club of Antigua.
  7. Thank you to my immediate support team, the Board of Directors for readily committing to serve as Directors and for your commitment to support my objectives.
  8. To my friends Hugh and Denise Marshall, your support over the past many, many years has been unwavering, thank you!   
  9. To Dr. Conville Brown, we appreciate your support of Rotary and thank you for been here this evening. 
  10. To my siblings, a very, very special thank you.  Much love and appreciation!
  11. To my parents, Enoch and the late Eileen Anthony, for your love, guidance, upbringing and value for family, the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the community. I am forever grateful for the love and resilient support you ensured that me and my siblings have for each other.  We love and continue to celebrate both of you.
  12. To my wonderful son Javan, you are a blessing and I thank you for the person you are and for your compassion towards humanity.
  13. To God almighty, thank you for your mercy and blessings towards me, the Rotary Club of Antigua, our family and friends here this evening and to those in the community that we serve.                                 
God bless the Rotary Club of Antigua.  God bless the National of Antigua and Barbuda and the persons we serve.