Posted by Evangeline Allen on Jul 10, 2019
First Guest Speaker for this Rotary Year, Motivational Speaker and Author and Podcast Host, Mrs. Janice Sutherland.
Mrs. Janice Sutherland, Manager of Sutherland Coaching Consultancy was the Club's first guest speaker for this Rotary Year 2019-2020.  Her presentation was Maximizing the Power of a Team. 
In Mrs. Sutherland's presentation she commented on RI hashtag...People of Action and Rotary Club of Antigua's impressive achievements, reflecting on our annual Meals on Wheels program, Colours Fete and Book Reading Competition.  Other topics were, Why teamwork is so important,  Team Life Cycle.
Of note, was the Characteristics of a Good team which comprised:
Communication     Diversity     Clear Goals     Leadership     Trust & Respect     Managed Conflict
The presentation continued with what makes a good Team Member?  And What was your 'Why' for joining Rotary?
The penultimate aspect of the presentation cover the Future.  How effective is Team Rotary?
Our Team can make a difference in Antigua and Barbuda
Our Team has a focused Mission
Our Team works well together
Our Team stands on the threshold of opportunity
Our Team is alive and growing
Our Team is living in the past
Our Team interacts openly and trustfully.
Rotary Club of Antigua thanks Mrs. Sutherland for a very insightful, interesting and motivational presentation!