Posted on Sep 19, 2023
Our sincere gratitude to Halo Foundation in assisting the Rotary Clubs in Antigua Rotary Club of Antigua Sundown Rotary Club of Antigua Rotaract Antigua to bring awareness to Mental Illness!
Join our Mental Health Awarwness Scavenger Harmony Hunt on October 8, 2023, Rotary House, 2:00pm.
The Halo Foundation donated over $2200 to the Rotary Club of Antigua at Government House last week. These funds are in support of the upcoming “Harmony Hunt” mental health awareness event scheduled for October 8th, and initiated by the Rotary Club of Antigua , the Rotary Club Sundown and the Rotaract Club of Antigua .
Through its mental health arm “Blue”, Halo continues to support mental health awareness initiatives in Antigua and Barbuda.
Photo attached: (L-R): H.E. Lady Williams (President, Halo Foundation); Mr.Michael Spencer (President, Rotary Club of Antigua); H.E. Sir Rodney Williams (Patron, Halo Foundation); and Mr. Sherwyn Greenidge (President, Rotaract Club of Antigua).