DG Lisle Virtual Meeting Visit with the Rotary Club of Antigua.
In light of the current pandemic, through the power of technology, District Governor
Lisle Chase paid a virtual visit to the Rotary Club of Antigua’s Board of Directors 2020-2021.
took the opportunity to share the plans for the Rotary Year, which include efforts to expand the composition of the Club's membership and combating Renal Disease in the twin island state.
The meeting was quite insightful and interactive!
On behalf of President Kevin and the other members of the Board, we would like to express our profound gratitude to DG Lisle for the timely information and guidance shared with us and also to our Assistant Governor, PP 
for ably hosting the meeting!
Meetings with Rotary Clubof Antigua Sundown, the Rotaract Club of Antigua and with all Clubs combined were also held.