Before proceeding please let us please bow our heads for a moment of silence as we acknowledge the passing of PP Bengt’s Partner in Service and Rtn Nicole’s mother – Leah.            
PDG Malcolm, Partner in Service Lotte, President Evangeline, President Herald and Partner in Service Colleen, President Jessica, Fellow Rotarians, Team Leaders and Students of Computers for the World and Guests: 
Welcome to the Rotary Clubs of  Antigua and Antigua Sundown’s joint fellowship as we mark 112 years of the founding of Rotary International and Celebrate World Peace and Understanding.  These two words could not be more relevant today and as we share fellowship we should reflect on how fortunate we are and appreciate some of life’s simple pleasures, many of which we take for granted – the sound of nature, the sound of laughter, being able to express a difference of opinion, availability of education and health care, not worrying about whether we are safe while at church or at a gathering like this.   
It is exciting that while the main goal of Computers for the World is in the installation of computers, through this simple exercise the team is exposed to another environment where after two weeks I am sure they will have a better understanding of our community and geographical area.  And the Caribbean could not be more representative and harmonious of creed, race and colour. Let us continue to teach our children tolerance and understanding.      
They are our future!     
A huge thank you Rtn Vanetta, for opening up your home to us and for your attention to detail.  Thank you also for the excellent support of all Rotarians.  
Everyone enjoy the day and bon appetite!