A Bed at Home 

The Rotary Club of Antigua continues its distribution of Hospital Beds under the theme “A Bed At Home.”

On Wednesday, 17th, 2020 (today), a flexible and comfortable bed was donated to Mr. Dale Fowler from Liberta, Mr. Leslie Emanuel from Potters Village and Teacher Oslyn Pluck from Cassada Gardens.

All three recipients have expressed profound gratitude to the Rotary Club of Antigua for such a significant contribution to Persons Living with Disabilities.

Each of the beds was assembled by a team headed by the Club's Service Project Director, Rotarian Kirk Francis.

"Bed at Home" is a signature project for the Club's President Dr. Vanetta Rodgers. President Rodgers expresses thanks to the Mill Reef Fund for its involvement in bringing the project to fruition, as well as the Public for its unwavering support of fundraisers organized by the Club, geared towards community development.