President’s Plan of  Action 2016-17
Jul 20, 2016
President Evangeline Allen
President’s Plan of Action 2016-17

Strategic Plan

Rotary International Monthly Calendar will be followed.


Monthly Meals-on-Wheels

Equip an early childhood centre.


Student of the month awards program in Five Islands, Green Bay & Golden Grove Schools Grade 1, 2 & 3.

Presentation of school supplies to 12 students – to recognize 12 needy families around the island and make presentation.

Choices Career Workshop for Grade 3 students-Christian Faith Academy

Book-in-A-Bag Competition

Book Reading Competition for Grades 4 & 5 students -

Adult Literacy Assistance.

Children Christmas Party in Antigua and Barbuda

Fund Camp Able.

Mediation Programme   -

Focus Group—Interact & Rotaract.

Health-Assistance .

RYLA- Sponsor one Rotaractor and two Interactors.

Easter Fair for 150 children from various communities.

Simulcast on  Disease Prevention & Treatment & Water & Sanitation

Recognition of Rotary unsung hero during the month of January- “Vocational Service Month”

Fund Raising

Colours Fete -“Colours in Africa

Rotary Foundation Cash Raffle



Youth Programmes

Rotaraact-Targeting Rotarians to assist with this Programme.

Interact—Prepare Roster for Rotarians to attend Rotaract and Interact meetings

Rotary/Rotaract/Interact School Music Festival

Committee’s Plans and Programmes

 Club Administration


Treasurer- Re-introduction of Quick books

Programmes- Rotarian Vannetta

Sergeant- at- Arms- Wilbur Harrigan

Rotary Education and Training-PAG Paul

Monthly  eCog.

Club Forum- August/November/February /May

Paul Harris Fellows –will maintain at least one award and encourage members to contribute to their spouses and or update their status to Ph or PH+1 if needs be.


Monthly Attendance Report.


District Dues. 

Rotary International

Dues-payable July 1st and January 1st.

The Rotarian Magazine-renew subscription July

1st.  Members are encourage to subscribe online via RI.


Review and revise classification list-

The focus for 2016/2017 is Literacy

New members will be assigned a mentor.

Induct at least  (1) new member.

Rotary International Membership ID Cards to be introduced.

Rotary Club of Antigua Vest to be introduced.

Programme for sustaining and retaining the membership.

Select a group to communicate on a regular basis with spouses of Rotarians whose partners have died, honorary members and senior active members and report back to the  Club.

Assign a Club Trainer to train and update the members on Rotary’s history, current development and the future.

Each Member to present a Rotary Minute or his/her Rotary moment at the start of each weekly meeting.

New Membership Directory to be compiled.

President’s Recognition program to be introduced