4th Annual Book Reading Competition
Mar 07, 2020 9:00 AM
Book Reading Competition 2020
4th Annual Book Reading Competition

For the 3rd  year in a row, a student from the Grace Christian Academy has emerged as the winner of the Rotary Club of Antigua’s Book Reading Competition.

Amaya King edged out 13 competitors in the keenly contested event, which took place at the Methodist Church Hall on Saturday.

Her composure and delivery captured the judges’ attention in all of the segments of the competition which took place in three parts. The “Boy from Willow Bend”, written by local author, Joanne Hillhouse, was this year’s featured book.

In round 1, the participants were required to read a portion of the book. There were two participants each from the Grace Christian Academy, the Sunnydale Primary School, Temple Academy, St. Peter’s Primary, TOR Memorial, Bendals Primary School and Weslyan Junior Academy.

The top five were then chosen to compete in round two, which had two parts; reading another chosen segment from the book and the presentation of an article in the form of a news television broadcast.

The finalists were Amaya King and Royan Norton from the Grace Christian Academy, Adrian Clarke from the Temple Academy, Janeil Lambert from the Weslyan Junior Academy and Jelisa Graham from the Sunnydale Primary School.

After the analysis of both rounds, Adrian Clarke was adjudged 3rd place, Jelisa Graham 2nd place and Amaya King was the victor.

Past President and current Vice President of the Rotary Club of Antigua, Arthur Thomas, in his opening remarks, emphasized that the club is committed to playing a significant role in advancing literacy in Antigua and Barbuda.

He further encouraged parents and teachers to be guiding beacons of encouragement for the youth, in developing their oratorical and literacy skills.

Chairperson of the Competition, Denise Limerick, indicated that she was happy with the level of enthusiasm and participation from the students and by extension their schools.

The Rotary Club of Antigua extends thanks to all of the sponsors who came forward to support the competition.

These include: The Antigua Commercial Bank, AS Bryden and Sons, Happy Kids, APUA INET, Paper Clips, Harpers, the Cushion Club, Joanne Hillhouse, Chairperson, Rotarian Denise Limerick, Rotarian Past President Evangeline Allen, Public Image Chair, Rotarian Elisa Graham and Tucker-on-the-Grill with Nica.

The Competition was hosted by Past President of the Rotary Club of Antigua, Ato Kentish.