The meeting on Wednesday August 7th 2019 was cancelled to enable members to attend the funeral service for Rotarian Yolanda’s dad. We again express condolences to our fellow Rotarian.   
August 14th   2019
This week we were graced by the presence of Rotaract President Ti-Anna Harris.  Ti- Anna presented on Rotaract plans and objectives for the upcoming year.  The Rotaract Club is a very vibrant club with a committed bunch of young adults.  Some of their upcoming projects include a Career Speed Interviewing session which the President notified Rotarians of their desire for us to be a part of.  Their overall focus of the year would be around building their club and overall retention offering training activities to better educate members on Rotaract
Raffle Prize Winner Director Ilean
August 21st  2019
This was a Business Meeting. The Directors used this opportunity to present their Plans & Budgets for the current Rotary year.  Some directors however were not present, hence their plans were deferred to August 28th meeting.
Director of Club Administration  Shamarie gave an update on her plans.  Ventures to include Sponsorship of a Rotaractor, Assigning Greeters & Collectors prior to a meeting,  Memorabilia shop & Reintroduction of the Club ID cards.  She also presented the Secretary's report and the Secretary's budget for the year. 
Director Elisia presented the Club's Public Image Plan for the year. Her focus this year will be on brand awareness and improving our overall presence.  Items such as new banners were on the budgeted items for this year. The overall objectives the director seeks to achieve include, Increasing Donor contributions, Improvement in Member participation in Fellowship activities, Increase in public involvement in programs  and the overall Increase in Social Media Views
Director Ilean presented her committees plan around Rotary Foundation.  The committee plans on undertaking activities around Polio Awareness, Joint activity with our Sister Club, Sundown for Peace & Conflict Resolution Month, Recognition of Foundation Month by asking members to Contribute $300 instead of $270 towards EREY, in return for a Polio Shirt branded with Rotary Foundation. The surplus to be donated to Polio Plus.  They have also decided to look into the Youth Exchange Program and lastly will be engaging in some Training geared to the education of Rotary Foundation
Director Kirk was absent and his report was presented by committee member Past President Eric.  The committee has executed its 1st project of the year, Rotary Colours Fete.  Upcoming activities in the year include the improvement of Rotary House, Meals on Wheels, Wellness Walk, Christmas Parties, Computers for the World & Sewing Projects, RYLA & Book Reading competition.  All mentioned projects are Annual projects which will be continued.  
In the absence of Membership & Youth Directors, no reports were presented. All reports were pre-circulated to all members via email

August 28th  2019
This weeks meeting we were presented with the Memberships Chair Plan & Objectives for Rotary year 2019-2020.  The focus of the membership chair is recruitment,retention and training.  The Director and his committee plans include but are not limited to recruiting 6 new members.  Members are therefore encouraged to invite persons they think will be suitable to join, provide mentors connecting experienced Rotarians to new Rotarians, finding ways to improve low attendance and overall creating activities to bring members closer together
Also at this meeting newly pinned Rotarian Louisianne  presented her Classification talk to the club.  Her Classification is "Compliance - Financial"
September 4th Meeting
This weeks meeting we took an Official Club photo.