Rotaract President’s Plan of  Action 2016-17 cont'd
Jul 27, 2016
Rotaract President Jessica Challenger
Rotaract President’s Plan of Action 2016-17 cont'd

Community Service

Annual Spelling Bee- Scheduled 15th& 22nd of October, 2016

School Library Initiative- Replenish School Library with books

Walk for cause- During charter week

Believe to achieve- Winning school prize for annual spelling bee- School enhancement initiative

Club Service

Membership Drive, RRI Togetherness As One Picnic

RRI Music Competition . Rotaract Club Retreat


Fishing, Fitness night, BBQ on the lawn, Zip LiningBeach social, Paintballing

International Service

Dance Night- Aim is the club to learn a dance from another country, Cook off

Know me, Know you- Twin with another club- Rotaractor from St. Martin (potential relationship with Rotaract club in district 7020)


Spelling Bee snack tent, Valentines Raffle and Auction, Annual Tag Drive, Speed dating night, Sweet Treats Stall, Estimated profit for the year will roughly be over $16,000.


30th Anniversary Activities

Publication in the Business Focus to recognize the club’s 30th anniversary- to include: a general piece on the club and what it does and what it entails, a written piece on what Rotaract Means by founder Patrick Benjamin, Greg Walter- First President and President of the Rotary Club. Also a Club photo of the current membership and pictures from past projects will be inserted, as well as excerpts of what it means to be a Rotaractor by past Rotaractors. To be published in the December Issue

A 30th anniversary church service- Church to be announced at a later date

A 30th anniversary dinner- Formal dinner to celebrate all the years and achievements of Rotaract. The club service Director also plans to do a documentary with all the past presidents of Rotaract that will be displayed during the Formal Dinner.

On behalf of The Rotaract Club of Antigua I would also like to thank the Rotary Club of Antigua for their continued support of the Club over the years.